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Our Farmstand

Our farm stand is open from sunup to sundown 7 days a week. You can find our delicious pasture raised duck and chicken eggs, chicken meat, duck meat and limited time product offerings here (sausages, jams, bone broths etc).  

Payment forms accepted here are cash, check, and Venmo. You will find a small cash box with small bills to make change inside.

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Whole bean, small batch, artisanal coffee available from East Alstead Roasting Co

Assorted bone broths!


Micah R, VT

I am an avid home cook with a passion for expressing my creativity with products from local farmers whom I can visit with regularly. I  met Jason and Amber a few years back through the farmers market and have since also met Baby Duck and the lovely Miss Kim.

The only thing better than my interactions with all of them is the quality of the things that they make. Each item that they create in their new kitchen is clearly well researched and consistent from batch to batch.

I highly recommend anything that they bring to market and I encourage you to let their creativity inspire your own!

Sarah L, NH

This is by far my favorite little farm! Always the freshest meats and eggs. The family is always so friendly and smiling.

Bill G, PA/VT

I stopped by your stand at the Brattleboro Farmers' Market two weeks ago eager to try the Hunters' Duck Sausage.   Then you shared there was beer in it, and I vascilated, as not a fan.


Took a pound brought it home to Pennsylvania, and fried it up that week.


I can't wait to come back and buy more!!   It was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten!   Kudos to you for such a recipe!!    It has the right blend of flavors; I don't know which are the juniper berries in the flavor, but I imagine that gives it some zing.      I made a mild cream sauce (white rue) to complement the flavor. 


It was wonderful to my taste palate!!!    Thank you so much.   

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